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For the anthropologist the Navajo learned the weaving craft from the Puebloans, many of whom were harboured by Navajo families as refugees from the tyranny of Spain when that country began its conquest of the New World in the mid 1500’s.

In fact, many anthropologists theorize that the Navajo arrived in the New World not long before this time, late-comers from across the Bering Straight. That the Navajo share genetic traits with the Mongols of Asia is probably a fact, the date of their arrival in the New World is not so clear cut.

Recorded examples of this design appear in literature prior to the 1800’s.

An early rendering of a Piegan Blackfeet Indian was painted by Karl Bodmer, the official artist commissioned to record the Native Americans encountered by the German prince, Maximillian during his trek across the American West.

The history of Navajo weaving is in many ways the history of the Navajo people.

The Navajo textile in its design, materials, and purpose is like a mirror reflecting not only the weaver, but her whole people, in a specific time and place in their history.

Being a semi-nomadic people in the heart of the Southwest, anthropological evidence of the Navajo prior to historic times is scant. The Navajo themselves say that when they arrived in this, the fourth world, the Kisani or Puebloans were already here and were in the process of building the great Pueblos of Chaco Canyon.

However there have been intriguing finds of homesteads that are remarkably similar to those of the recent Navajo and one of these has turned up a structure that quite possible was a loom. The Navajo and Pueblo looms are practically identical, but the Navajo would have that the knowledge of weaving was already theirs when they first came in contact with the Puebloans.

From the records of these Conquistadores we have references to the Navajo and their weaving.

The earliest fragments of Navajo weaving to survive the ravages of time are those found in “Massacre Cave” in Cañon Del Muerte, the canyon of the dead.

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