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It’s best not to spend a lot of time trying to “talk it out” with an Aries. It’s better if you can work out all the details in advance. Image source: Jake Stimpson on Flickr Breaking up with a Gemini?

Before you tell them goodbye, they may already be gone. They just don’t have an inclination to stay around and experience heartbreak.

Then you might want to try and find a time when your ex isn’t home to move your stuff out. Image source: Gustavo Gomes on Flickr When Virgo is most critical and angry, remember that they are hardest on themselves. Well, the Libra may be hiding a seriously sentimental streak. A love affair with Scorpio can take you to new heights. So if the a romance was difficult, the ending is bound to be worse.

They can easily transition into being “friends” again or even a friend with benefits.

But make no mistake, they feel free to look for love elsewhere.

Despite your best efforts, the relationship has hit the skids. Just because you have decided to move on doesn’t mean your lover is in the same place.

Here at Lunar Cafe, we recently published a blog to help you deal with a breakup.

If you are trying to break up with a Libra, be aware that they can turn that Venus on whenever they want. Explain that you are both to blame, it can’t be salvaged and you both deserve future happiness. Libra may be more comfortable if they are doing the breaking up. Just remember your ex has a Teflon heart and a defiant streak of optimism where romance is concerned. And a fixed, angry Scorpio is not how you want this ending to play out. It’s not a bad idea to hire the movers in advance of the break-up talk.

They have been known to get back together so they can do the breaking up. Pluto is not just about endings; this planet is the mother of renewals and second chances.

Image source: Terrell Woods on Flickr Breaking up with a Cancer can be a tragedy in the making.

More than almost any sign, they have trouble letting go.

If you want out of a coupling with your Aries partner, handle them with care.

Convince them that it’s their idea, and it will be smooth sailing. The thing to remember is that once Aries is finished with a relationship, they are completely done. Don’t try to stay friends (not immediately anyway). Image source: smile_kerry on Flickr Taurus the Bull is famous for their stubbornness. Just make sure you don’t set off the angry Bull charge. It’s not a good idea to angrily confront this sun sign. Taurus has a long memory and all the patience in the world. They are hard to defeat in custody battles or property settlement disputes. If you are wise, you will not try to cheat in a relationship with them.

And don’t lead them on or encourage the idea that you might get back together again. It’s a sure sign that he or she is moving on if they get a gym membership and start eating healthy again.

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