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Follow Christian on Instagram at instagram.com/christianstreibcnn. EASTERN UKRAINE: "Ukrainian Police checkpoint north of Donetsk.

A rare sight these days in Eastern Ukraine." - CNN's Christian Streib, April 15.

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And actually I’m very happy to be able to serve alongside the guys here.” The Ukrainian military changed its rules last summer, to allow women to be appointed as vehicle commanders, machine gun operators, mortar commanders, and perhaps the most risky job of all – snipers. One is currently studying to be a surgeon at one of the country’s top medical schools.

It’s difficult to imagine having both parents serving in the military during a full-blown war.

They were even grouped togetherin separate shows — grapefruit-shaped breasts, pine-apple shaped,lemon-shaped, water-drop shaped, flower-bud shaped, and even Champaign-glass shaped…

Tucker Carlson said Monday night that Democrats are becoming angrier and more reckless, and most terrifying of all, "they are poised to take power." "This is your opposition party," he said of the Democrats in his monologue.

This is the kind of eros-meets-art festival that you hardly ever see in the US because we're too worried that kids will see boobies and freak out and become promiscuous and destroy society.

Models were competing for awards like Most Highly Emotional Subject, Harmonious Composition, Most Original Idea, Miss Extravagance, Miss Exotica, Little Fairy, and Miss Ideal Bust.

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It's below freezing in Kiev, but that didn't stop contestants of the Body-Art Fashion Festival from showing up in beautifully painted nude for the annual Ukrainian contest on Saturday.

"One country has come and temporarily stolen part of of the territory of an independent country," he said.

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