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10.2.03(1) (Commencement of eligibility) Unless otherwise specified: 10.2.03(3) (Cross-posting) The entitlement to the allowances and benefits of a member who is cross-posted and does not return to Canada on leave at public expense between cross-postings continues, except for section 5 – An unaccompanied member, who moves their dependants to the post at their own expense, continues to be an unaccompanied member for the purpose of this chapter.

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10.2.11(5) (Retention of monies) If a reduction is imposed in accordance with this instruction, any monies received as remuneration by the member from a third party is retained by the member in lieu of any allowances and benefits for which a reduction has been imposed under this chapter.

In certain situations if accountable advances are permitted in respect of this chapter, especially in the case of security deposit advances that may be outstanding for several years, the currency exchange rate may change significantly between the date the advance is made and the date on which it is recovered.

(TB, effective 1 April 2009)means an expression of the price differential between the post and the surrounding area of the post, or the location where a member resides when the member does not reside at the post, and Ottawa, as determined by the Chief of the Defence Staff on the basis of information communicated by Statistics Canada on a monthly basis.means the place at which, immediately prior to the member's deployment or assignment, the member performed normal military duties and includes any place in the surrounding geographical area that is determined by the Chief of the Defence Staff to be part of that place of duty.

(TB, effective 23 July 2003)also referred to as home-based child care, means a licensed child care facility that is provided in a private residence other than the home of the dependent child or children.

10.1.01(1) Definitionsmeans a posting, attached posting or attached posting (temporary) to a permanent or training position outside Canada at a post other than a Chief of the Defence Staff designated International Operation.means the temporary deployment or assignment for less than twelve months, but normally of six months, of a member to a component, sub-component, formation, task force, base, unit or element, other than that in which the member is ordinarily employed and in which the member continues to fill a position.means the temporary deployment or assignment of between fourteen to sixty days or more, of a member in direct support of a post or an operation other than that in which the member is ordinarily employed and in which the member continues to fill a position.means accommodation owned, leased or controlled by the Crown other than family housing as defined in paragraph (2) of the Charges for Family Housing Regulations or single quarters and, unless the Minister otherwise directs, includes accommodation provided directly to a member by the host government.

(TB, effective 23 July 2003)means a biological child, adopted child or legal ward of the member or of the member's spouse or common-law partner, if the child resides with the member at the post or previous place of duty in Canada for a minimum of eight months in a twelve-month period and who: means a posting, attached posting or attached posting (temporary) to an operation outside Canada designated by the Chief of the Defence Staff and controlled by the Commander Canada Command, Commander Canadian Expeditionary Force Command, Commander Canadian Special Operations Forces Command, or Commander Canadian Operational Support Command.10.3.02(4) (Member not entitled) For greater certainty, a member who is on assignment is not entitled to the allowances and benefits under this section.10.3.03(1) (Posting or attached posting) A member who is posted or attached posted for a period of more than 60 days on a deployment, is entitled to the allowances and benefits under this section.10.2.11(2) (Administration) A member in receipt of remuneration from a third party shall provide the Approving Authority with appropriate details, for furtherance to the Director Compensation and Benefits Administration, in order that a determination of the appropriate level of the allowances and benefits is made.10.2.11(3) (Limitation on entitlement) ) If a third party pays remuneration in whole or in part to a member, the allowances and benefits set out in this chapter are reduced: 10.2.11(4) (Maximum reduction) No reduction may exceed in amount the total of the remuneration paid by a third party.10.2.06(3) (Application) For the purposes of paragraphs (1) and (2), this chapter applies to the member from the date of arrival at the post to the date of departure on termination of duty at that post, except that this chapter shall not apply during periods of leave without pay.

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