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Ask them for help; they might know of a friend who is looking for a flatmate, or they might even ask around to see if anyone is looking.Even if they can only give advice or information, it is still incredibly valuable.

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Finding a full time job is almost impossible for expats in the Netherlands, most of which require either fluent Dutch or fluency in any language other than English.

To put this into context, I had good qualifications in Economics and HR and great corporate employment experience, and I have not heard back from any applications for three months.

As I face my last few weeks, staring down the possibility of paying on credit card for a plane ticket home to go back to start saving again, I have wondered often what I did wrong.

But I have learnt some incredibly valuable lessons along the way, and would love to share them with you, so hopefully you or your friends moving to the Netherlands can avoid the same problems.

Paying your rent, or providing the money for that visa (see the next segment) can of course also be done by setting up a Dutch bank account and transferring some money into it.

Setting up a Dutch bank account can be quite a hassle – and sadly how friendlier a bank is in their ethics regarding the environment and fair trade and such the worse their online English services are.

There is a reason why ‘Gemeente’ (the Town Hall) contains the Dutch word ‘gemeen’, which translates as ‘mean’. The town hall is where all sense of excitement and adventure of your journey moving to the Netherlands come to a grinding bureaucratic halt.

Go in to see them as soon as you can when you arrive in the Netherlands!

To simplify it; when moving to the Netherlands, like anywhere else, you need a job to survive.

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