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Date convicted: January 6, 2017Conspiring to act as a covert agent for the Republic of Cuba within the United States (Alvarez worked for nearly 30 years as a covert intelligence agent for the Cuban government, gathering and transmitting information concerning, among other things, prominent individuals and groups within the Cuban exile community in the U. Date convicted: February 27, 2007Misprision of a felony (Knowing of a felony and failing to prevent it.) Alvarez was co-conspirator in her husband's attempts to act as an agent for Cuba. Date convicted: February 27, 2007While employed under contract at Donovan Correctional Facility (San Diego, CA), Apramian was alleged to have engaged in dual relationships with inmates there.

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The Claimant was a serving prisoner who had begun writing his autobiography and had given to his solicitor a manuscript draft. The solicitor later sought to return the manuscript to the Claimant, via the Defendant.

The Defendant refused to pass it on to the Claimant, on the grounds that it was intended for publication in breach of para 34(9)(c), Standing Order 5B to the Prison Rules 1999, SI 1999/728. (1) Whether the relevant part of the Prison Rules was incompatable with Art 10, ECHR; (2) Whether the relevant part of the Prison Rules applied to autobiographical writings; (3) Whether the application of the relevant part of the Prison Rules in this case was disproportionate or irrational.

In 2014, officials found signs in his office that held him out to be a psychologist.

After saying he would cancel all appointments, a later check found he was still seeing patients "as a counsellor" after covering up the word "psychologist" with masking tape.

(1) The regulatory powers of a prison governor could lawfully extend outside the prison and could justify interference with a prisoner’s freedom of expression in pursuit of the legitimate aims of preventing crime and disorder, protecting morals and protecting the rights and freedoms of others.

The relevant part of the Prison Rules was a proportionate restriction of the Claimant’s freedom of expression in pursuit of legitimate aims.

Friedland, Aspen Upper Ranch LLC, Assurance Management, LLC, and The Jeffrey and Kathy Friedland Irrevocable Trust, Relief Defendants , Case.

Paid millions in illegal kickbacks for patient referrals to recruiters associated with assisted-living facilities and halfway houses in exchange for supplying therapy services to patients who didn't need them.

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