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For this reason (and owing to the Third Party ownership rules), I suspect the only way QTA could make this work would be to pay PSG around £70m a year as additional 'sponsorship'.PSG would then buy Neymar on a 5 year deal from Barcelona.Neymar’s likely transfer to PSG clearly raises a number of FFP issues.

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We simply don’t know that PSG have made a large loss during 2015/16, 2016//18 seasons combined; for one thing, the season 2017/18 hasn’t finished yet (It's not really started) and who knows what player trading, new sponsorship, ticket sales etc the club could rack up before next June to help them pass the test?

Although logic suggests that they are never going to be able to make the FFP test if they sign Neymar – we don’t know for certain, so UEFA can’t do much… Some Media reports suggest that the c £198m fee for Neymar will be paid by a third party (and not by the club).

The transaction would be captured under the RPT rules and a fair value applied to the transaction (i.e. See extract of the rules: 3b seems to capture this scenario.

Interestingly, if PSG purchase Neymar’s contract in the standard manner, the transfer fee would be ‘amortised’ over the life of the contract.

The Football League have confirmed that they are aiming to have any punishments announced before the end of the season. Previously the Football League has only been able to either; fine promoted clubs (a fine the Premier League didn’t help them collect), or impose a transfer embargo for historic overspending (which always like a stable-door/horse scenario).

With this change, a wide range of punishments are now available.

The Although UEFA wouldn't discount all the QTA £70m, they would exclude most of it; hence it would still be surprising if PSG could pass the Break Even test carried out in 2018/19 FFP.

Of course the club will attract some additional genuine sponsorship and might be able to make some trading profit on player trading.

Nothing is off the table; the Football League are now able to impose a points deduction during the current season, or demote a club from an automatic promotion position into the play-offs (or out of the play-offs altogether).

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