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In fact extended family non-support was a key issue.Too often these parents are criticized by their own extended family for not being able to better manage the behavior of their child with severe special needs.

But the emotional support and social connection was only part of the group’s value.

These parents knew so much that they were terrific resources about the latest information as well as being able to share what strategies or services had proven helpful with their child.

We can add the physical disabilities of blindness, deafness, and a multitude of serious medical disorders that strike children and significantly limit their ability to function.

Each of these disorders has books, websites, and national organizations devoted to them.

Finding someone to watch their child for a few hours so they could have time for personal, marital, or family activities was a universal challenge.

The typical sitter lacks the skills and even if one lives near family, they too often lack the understanding or patience required to help.

I had no magic solutions and rarely an idea that they hadn’t already heard from some other professional.

Yet, as the meeting drew to a close they were so thankful!

The frequent result is avoiding attending family and community events.

These parents need a level of support that is difficult to give if you haven’t been in their shoes.

To learn that they are not alone in their situations and in their feelings is critical to a healthy attitude and the ability to cope.

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