Pisces female dating virgo male

Pisces are not keen on having a tight collar around the neck.

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Love, Sex, Marriage, Dating, Break up, Friendship The love of Virgo and Pisces is deep as the Mariana Trench.

Pisces men and women are intuitive and spiritual, while people born under Virgo are precise and ) where delicious and nutritious rice grows.

In matters of sex the Virgo do not want to have any simple and restrictive solution.

And that is exactly what the Pisces is looking for.

If you are a very conservative or peace-loving Virgo, the marriage with a Pisces may be hard to bite for you.

But if you are among those, who appreciate free spirit and you also perceive the uncertainty of life rather as inspiring than upsetting, than you are ready for the marriage with a Pisces.

The soul of the Virgo man is soft like the best cushioning in his running shoes, while the soul the Virgo woman is surprisingly hard as the diamond, but polished to an excellent brilliant shape.

The Pisces man likes questions that are capable to dig up the buried treasure of knowledge, while the Pisces woman is the queen of dreams.

Frankly, the love compatibility of men and women born under those zodiac signs is not optimal, but may result in an inspiring friendship or a burning love.

Both have plenty of energy which they can give to each other, but sometimes it may cross the borders of expectations.

Such unusual intuitive communication precedes the practical life, where both zodiac signs may be dealing with other priorities.

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