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d-for-Me-ebook/dp/B00322O OFA BUY MY BOOK One of the most beautiful original Flash dating simulations, created by artist, storyline by Nummyz aka Bomee of Newgrounds, and coded by Kyo. In this dating sim, you play as Cero, an insomniac trapped in a dream world filled with beautiful girls.

Please list all glitches and productive comments at Can Cero escape with a girl, who can become the love of his life, or stay forever in the Dream, trapped in a nightmare? 2 stars for the good artwork on the characters and the music that while not remarkable is quite pleasant to my ears.

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The Anime Dating Game is where those strange cross over fics you wrote in junior high come to be and any pairing is possible!

The main session is held Saturday morning, open to all audiences and participants.

You will be informed of your acceptance no later than WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 4, 2017.

All participants are required to sign in at least two hours before their scheduled match at Masquerade HQ, or else they will be replaced.

If we are unable to see your pictures or you do not submit pictures, you will be disqualified from consideration – Each game will have 12 participants. You need to be heard, be in character, and be entertaining. You can specify which match you want to be in, but you MUST be at least 18 to participate in the 18 match. You may submit several costumes for consideration, though all must follow the guidelines above.


Back in 1850, the park had 150 glaciers, but today there are only 25. We'll serve beer from Thimble Island Brewery, and Asti is providing the food! 13 ISAAC 8th Graders and 4 ISAAC Teachers went on an Adventure. Following four after school trainings and a lengthy gear check we loaded a bus and drove to the northwest corner of the state. Once you try these, you'll never go back to your old ways.

We'll raffle away some great prizes too, and all raffle proceeds plus 20%... Good To-Go is totally gluten-free, and they use mostly organic ingredients. Just click through the images to check out our list. Impromptu Camp Pillow Wanna get a great night's sleep when you camp?

They say that the remaining glaciers may disappear as soon as 2020 and almost certainly by 2030.

Climate change is accelerating the loss of these iconic natural formations that gave Glacier National Park its name. Swing by our Grand Re-opening Party in Branford to check out all the changes for yourself, and help support some great nonprofits.

Once again for 2018 there will be a 18 version of this panel with even more shenanigans! Before Applying, please take the time to read through our rules and regulations!

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