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By compressing both the video and audio streams, a VCD is able to hold 74 minutes of picture and sound information, nearly the same duration as a standard 74 minute audio CD.The MPEG-1 compression used records mostly the differences between successive video frames, rather than write out each frame individually.

This is approximately half the resolution of an analog VHS tape which is ~330 horizontal and 480 vertical (NTSC) or 330×576 (PAL).

Audio specifications As with most CD-based formats, VCD audio is incompatible with the DVD-Video standard due to a difference in sampling frequency; DVDs require 48 k Hz, whereas VCDs use 44.1 k Hz.

This track can be absent from a VCD, which would still work but would not allow it to be properly displayed in computers.

Using Mode 2 Form 2 allows roughly 800 megabytes of VCD data to be stored on one 80 minute CD (versus 700 megabytes when using CD-ROM Mode 1).

The Laserdisc provided picture quality nearly double that of VHS tape and analog audio quality far superior to VHS. and Europe), the CD is about 120 mm (4.7 in) in diameter, and is single-sided.

Philips later teamed up with Sony to develop a new type of disc, the compact disc or CD. The format was initially designed to store digitized sound and proved to be a success in the music industry.

However, the disc's small size significantly impeded the ability to store analog video; thus only 5 minutes of picture information could fit on the disc's surface (despite the fact that the audio was digital).

Therefore, CD-V distribution was limited to featuring music videos.

DVD players use lasers that are of shorter wavelength than those used on CDs, allowing the recorded pits to be smaller, so that more information can be stored.

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