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In 1866, Oakland's private College of California looked for a new site.

It settled on a location north of Oakland along the foot of the Contra Costa Range (later called the Berkeley Hills) astride Strawberry Creek, at an elevation about above the bay, commanding a view of the Bay Area and the Pacific Ocean through the Golden Gate.

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No artifact survives of the Domingo or Vicente ranches, but their names survive in Berkeley street names (Vicente, Domingo, and Peralta).

However, legal title to all land in the City of Berkeley remains based on the original Peralta land grant. sovereignty after the Mexican–American War, and especially, the Gold Rush, saw the Peraltas' lands quickly encroached on by squatters and diminished by dubious legal proceedings.

The De Anza Expedition led to establishment of the Spanish Presidio of San Francisco at the entrance to San Francisco Bay (the Golden Gate), which is due west of Berkeley.

Luis Peralta was among the soldiers at the Presidio.

The Peraltas' Rancho San Antonio continued after Alta California passed from Spanish to Mexican sovereignty after the Mexican War of Independence. The lands of the brothers Domingo and Vicente were quickly reduced to reservations close to their respective ranch homes.

The rest of the land was surveyed and parceled out to various American claimants (See Kellersberger's Map).In 1876, a branch line of the Central Pacific Railroad, the Berkeley Branch Railroad, was laid from a junction with the mainline called Shellmound (now a part of Emeryville) into what is now downtown Berkeley.That same year, the mainline of the transcontinental railroad into Oakland was re-routed, putting the right-of-way along the bay shore through Ocean View.As construction began on the new site, more residences were constructed in the vicinity of the new campus.At the same time, a settlement of residences, saloons, and various industries grew around the wharf area called "Ocean View." A horsecar ran from Temescal in Oakland to the university campus along what is now Telegraph Avenue. By the 1870s, the Transcontinental Railroad reached its terminus in Oakland.There was a strong prohibition movement in Berkeley at this time. A silent film of one of these early streetcars in Berkeley can be seen at the Library of Congress website: "A Trip To Berkeley, California" Berkeley's slow growth ended abruptly with the Great San Francisco earthquake of 1906.

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