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We keep things relaxed, fun, and age-appropriate, both in terms of the posing and the length of the shoot.

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After snapping a few dozen pictures, Schwartz picks a winner: a charming shot that shows off Cieri’s winning smile.

Within a few days, Cieri has uploaded it to the front page of his profile on Tinder, the popular dating app where users judge you with a swipe. Ditch the selfies, because the era of the professional Tinder headshot is here. Schwartz, 25, put up a Craigslist ad and a one-page website,, over the summer as a goof after seeing how seriously his friends took Tinder.

The slot machine says, ‘I like to gamble a lot.’ Maybe you have a gambling problem?

” Despite these shortcomings, Sardina did get matches. Instead of guys who just asked her out for a drink right away, she got matches who wanted to know her better.

If your company is growing, I can come back and photograph each new hire and keep the style consistent for each employee.

We’ll create a polished, professional look, for corporate bios, or Linked In.

Before: In her original Tinder profile photo, Sardina sits in front of a slot machine nearly twice her size. “It was kind of hard to tell what she looked like,” Schwartz says.

“Her first photo should be very approachable, warm.

I’ll post some details below, but do let me know if you have any other questions.

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