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The “Last Price” is determine by which data source is available.

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This is where you define the stock name and symbol.

Upon viewing it for the first time, you will see rows of already populated stocks. What you need to do is clear row 3 onward if you are starting afresh by populating your stocks one by one.

This is because for some unlisted assets, you forecast the dividends based on the amount while for others you calculate the amount based on the forecast yield.

While portfolio summary gives you a snapshot of how your portfolio performs currently, you might want to keep track of the overall portfolio over time.

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I created this in 2011 and have received overwhelming responses on how it managed help so many folks who is looking for a sophisticated spreadsheet that you can trust.

Should your stock belong to exchange supported by Google Finance (e.g. The difference between Google and Yahoo is that Yahoo supports more decimal places, Google can only go up to 2 decimal places.

US exchange), entering the quote will enable Google Spreadsheet to automatically update your stock data every time you review your spreadsheet. Yahoo takes last trade price while Google seem to take active trade price.

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This Stock Portfolio Tracker works for both dividend, net net or value stocks portfolio tracking in USA, Canada, UK, Singapore, Hong Kong and many more countries not to mention tracking of ETF portfolio. By entering these transactions we will be able to keep record but also good data to easily visualize these questions.

Stock Portfolio Tracker do not have this problem because it’s stored as a spreadsheet in Google Docs in the Internet cloud.

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