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But Leo winds up in the parent trap, trying to be a father to his younger brother but unconsciously expecting him to fail.

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Epicenter, and publisher David Lukens thanks everyone in his acceptance speech but the rag's founder: Eve.

b: 14 Dec 96 pc: _________ w: Ellen Herman d: Mark Piznarski 11.

b: 2 Nov 96 pc: _________ w: Jan Oxenberg d: Dennie Gordon 8.

_"Jake Gets a Job" gs: Pamela Segal [ Marcy Sedaris ], Michael Bacall [ Bailey ], Ren Woods [ The Receptionist ], Ryan Bollman [ The Kid ], Ron Littman [ The Angry Man ], Lynn Tulfeld [ The Office Worker ], Damani Singleton [ The Interviewee ], Ernest Liu [ Michael Chu ] Jake gets a hole in one-and a job at the magazine-when he impresses Isabel's dad with his skill at a computer golf game.

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and Leo Roth (played by David Conrad), and the lives and loves of their friends and siblings.

b: 28 Sep 96 pc: _________ w: Jason Katims d: Michael Watkins 3.

_"First Impressions" gs: Randall Batinkoff [ Everett Moreland ], Jack Noseworthy [ Dean ] Leo and Isabel hope that first impressions aren't lasting, when, through a comedy of errors, they unexpectedly meet each other's families.

_"Just One More Thing" gs: Randall Batinkoff [ Everett Moreland ], Dianne Travis [ Rosalie Moreland ], J.

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