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It is important to note that in this model, there is an interaction between the child's emotions and the environment.

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This is because most of the research on this topic is retrospective (meaning that the researcher asks the person to report about experiences that happened earlier in their life; these reports can be subject to bias) and correlational (meaning it demonstrates a If you love someone with BPD and are reading this, you may have noticed that some of your own reactions to your loved one’s emotions have been invalidating.

Because a person with BPD has such intense reactions to seemingly minor events, it can be very hard to remain validating.

A court will find that undue influence exists when such influence prevents the person making the will from exercising his own free will in the disposition of his estate.

The undue influence must have been directly connected with the preparation and signing of the will.

When people say that relationships take work, they mean maintaining that constant balance of each other's emotions.

Your partner avoiding the "work" in the relationship is like wanting to have his cake and eat it, too.

Any claim contesting a will must be filed within 6 months after the court enters an order which admits the will to probate.

In order to contest a will, a person must have what the law calls “standing”.

It's a flat-out dismissal of your emotions, but emotional invalidation is especially insidious because of its subtlety.

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