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The pelvic floor has two hiatuses (gaps): Anteriorly urogenital hiatus through which urethra and vagina pass through and posteriorly rectal hiatus through which anal canal passes.

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The type of treatment recommended will depend on a number of factors including age, previous surgical history, severity and general health.

There are two main options, reconstructive surgery and vaginal closure surgery.

The coccygeus, situated behind the levator ani and frequently tendinous as much as muscular, extends from the ischial spine to the lateral margin of the sacrum and coccyx.

The iliococcygeus, the most posterior part of the levator ani, is often poorly developed.

Some fibers are inserted into the prostate, urethra, and vagina.

The pubococcygeus, the main part of the levator, runs backward from the body of the pubis toward the coccyx and may be damaged during birth.

It’s a condition in which one or more of the pelvic organs comes down or bulges into or out of the vagina, often with the sensation of ‘something coming down below’.

The pelvic organs consist of the uterus, bowel and bladder.

The causes of pelvic organ prolapse are not unlike those that also contribute to urinary incontinence.

These include inappropriate (asymmetrical, excessive, insufficient) muscle tone and asymmetries caused by trauma to the pelvis.

Age, pregnancy, family history, and hormonal status all contribute to the development of pelvic organ prolapse.

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