Rrd cacti not updating

Also if you notice out of date or incorrect links please report. Third Watch Server Monitor will allow you to monitor all of your critical servers and services on an IP network and be notified of any changes in their status. It can monitor via Ping, HTTP, FTP or any other TCP/IP port.

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To reset the admin account password back to the default of "admin", connect to your Cacti database form the command line and update the user_auth table: " string where the 1st 2 digits indicate the type of template, the next 4 indicate the cacti version it was created on and the remaining 32 are a random number.

The template was created on Cacti 0.8.7g as shown below: POLLER: Poller[0] WARNING: Poller Output Table not Empty.

This is because you are running two instances of the mailgraph daemon for viruses and mail data.

Curu Wong's modifications re-write The SNMP method described above has some uses, but I would prefer to use the mailgraph rrds directly in Cacti. This method requires much less hacking and is more stable on my system.

To reconfigure this, run: , could have been very easily customized to blend in with our existing managment pages but, for versatility, we decided to show this data in cacti.

Based in large on Jacob Emcken's modifications to support multiple log files in mailgraph Initially, the easiest way to insert Mailgraph data into cacti that I found was with Curu Wong's Cacti graph template for mail server monitoring * via SNMP.

These links vary in quality ranging from a pointer to the vendors home page, to the man pages entry, and to how to download the code.

We welcome corrections such as identifying broken links (especially if you can provide an alternate/update), since over the years companies are absorbed by others, disappear, split up, change their web site etc.

Or if some pictu res are missing, then the mirror may not have picked up the contents of the inc directory.

The intention is to monitor our postfix installation, which also uses amavisd-new, spamassain and clamav, and then to display that information with graphs on a webpage.

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