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The communications payload aboard Angosat included 16 C-band and 6 Ku-band transponders, whose antennas could provide communications across Angola, but also cover the entire African continent.Like other satellites in the Yamal series, the Angosat was equipped with electric thrusters which could be used to maneuver the satellite to its operational orbit after launch and then maintain the correct orbital parameters.A day earlier, de Rocha told the newspaper that his government had accepted a proposal from Roskosmos to built a replacement spacecraft for Angosat-1.

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RKK Energia's Yamal platform, which served as a basis for the Angosat satellite.

Building Angosat-1 In 2011, Moscow-based banks, including Vneshekonombank, VTB and Roseksimbank, extended a $278.46-million credit to the Angolan Finance Ministry for 13 years to fund the Angosat project.

(828) As of October 2016, the Angosat-1 was not expected to be ready before July 2017.

The satellite finally reached the launch pad in 2017 and was delivered into orbit by a Zenit rocket on December 26.

After preliminary studies, the practical implementation of the project started in December 2012.

RKK Energia based the design of the Angosat satellite on a standard platform, which had previously served as a basis for the Yamal communications satellite series and the military EKS Tundra early-warning spacecraft.

In addition to the spacecraft itself, Russia also agreed to help Angola build the primary ground control station for Angosat near the Angolan capital of Luanda and a backup facility in Korolev, Russia, as well as train local engineers to operate the satellite in orbit.

In 2017, the total cost of the Angosat project, including ground infrastructure, was reported to be 7.6 million.

The center's communications equipment included a 7.6-meter ZS SKU flight control antenna and a 4.9-meter support antenna.

The facility also included two power generators, two electric transformers and a fuel storage, enabling its operation in case of a power outage.

extensive political, economic and military ties between Russia and Angola dating back to the Soviet period, the Russian firm RKK Energia won the contract for the development of the Angosat-1 satellite.

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