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The app is available in over fifteen languages including Korean, Russian, and Swedish.Most popular in: South Korea, Turkey, Egypt, Nigeria Planet Romeo is geared towards "gay/bi male and transgender communities" looking to cruise and find hook ups or dates.m4w = man for woman w4m = woman for man Some variations: if there's a "t" there it's either transsexual, transgender or transvestite. The first letter signifies marital status or sexual orientation, the second letter is race and the third is gender. May have undergone a sex change or just wants to be considered by society as a member of the opposite sex. Those guys who want strap-ons used on them aren't necessarily gay either. They're just guys who like to take care of their appearance. " There are people who say they're posting an ad for the last time and this can go on for months.

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WM = White Male SF = Single Female Assorted acronyms/terms you'll probably encounter.

CL = Craigslist SP = Strictly Platonic CE = Casual Encounters RL = Real Life hwp = height weight proportionate iso = in search of/is seeking only IIRC = if I recall correctly btw = by the way LOL = laugh out loud LMAO = laughing my ass off ROTFLMAO = rolling on the floor laughing my ass off a/s/l = age/sex/location SO = Significant Other NSA = No Strings Attached IM = Instant Messenger Cam = webcam LTR = Long Term Relationship bareback = sex without condoms BBW = Big Beautiful Women FB = Fuck Buddy FWB = Friends With Benefits d/df = drug/disease free fugly = fucking ugly (as in, extremely) sugar daddy/mommy = someone financially supporting another's lifestyle top/bottom = position for gay sex Sub = Submissive Dom = Dominant BDSM = Bondage Discipline/Domination Sadism Masochism strap-on = fake dicks fisting = putting the whole fist into someone's vagina or anal orifice as part of sex ABR/ANR = Adult Breastfeeding Relationship/Adult Nursing Relationship 420 = pot golden shower = taking a leak on someone bukkake = guys take turns ejaculating on a kneeling woman CD = Cross Dresser FOB = Fresh Off the Boat yellow fever = likes Asians brotha = black male sista = black female Read between the lines. If there are dollar signs anywhere in the post title, someone's willing to pay or wants to be paid for sex.

You can apply filters to narrow your search and send photos in chat, as well as make a very short profile description.

Of course, being the most popular doesn't always mean you're the best.

I find representatives of both genders attractive, I guess you could say I just love people. Another interesting reflection is if I would enjoy giving oral to a man or being penetrated.

Well, I figured we don’t necessarily need labels but if I must, I guess bisexual fits the best for me.

We remain hugely conflicted, embarrassed, ashamed and odd about sex. Somewhere along the way I realized that I actually find men attractive; I legitimately think some are cute. I noticed at some point that this same friend started stroking my back and touching me, and it became more frequent as the evening progressed. It’s wider than two meters, so you don’t need to lie so close to each other, but at the same time you also don’t have your own blanket. I touched him very gently, I did not dare to really grab him fully yet. It was familiar (hey, I’ve had sex before) but somehow not familiar at all. Anyhow, he kind of took the lead and did not pressure me in any way to do anything I didn’t want to do (very nice of him). I feel like I suck at handjobs if it’s not my own dick. So I also didn’t bring it up out of courtesy in case his partner reads his messages. Would I ever consider having a boyfriend after this experience?

Sign up to our mailing list for first access to stories and services as they become available. I did not say anything, truthfully I kind of liked the attention and loving touch. I just thought ‘well, this might as well happen now, why not? We didn’t really finish the beers, we both were tired and wanted to go to bed. If one was to analyze the situation, these next moments were crucial. He had a very strong energy, an active energy and I could feel that we were on the same wavelength. We touched each other, he gave me a sensational blowjob, and then he turned his back to me and with his hand guided me into position to penetrate him. This is something that I will definitely remember next time, but this time around I just didn’t think of it, probably because he can’t get pregnant. It was a truly new experience and technique I got to learn. I gave him a very gentle handjob, trying not to press too hard or rub too hard, just be very gentle. He kept on going though, and decided to give me a second blowjob. I guess it’s just something that happened and nobody will ever know about it. I guess if I meet a guy and it just works that could be quite fun.

(App Annie considers that the best way, in this particular case, to independently measure an app's market penetration.) We only list the top-rated app for August, but your favorite app may have been a close second or come out on, um, top in another month, since the competition is fierce.

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