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Douglas Mc Kittrick, Archdeacon of Chichester Fiona Windsor, Archdeacon of Horsham Martin Lloyd Williams, Archdeacon of Brighton & Lewes Edward Dowler, Archdeacon of Hastings Mark Standen & David Twinley, Acting Archdeacons of Chichester The Diocese of Chichester is a Church of England diocese based in Chichester, covering Sussex.

It was founded in 681 as the ancient Diocese of Selsey, which was based at Selsey Abbey, until the See was translated to Chichester in 1075.

Elsewhere, at Fishbourne Roman Palace, there’s one of the country’s finest collections of Roman mosaics.

Perhaps the most famous creation here is the mosaic showing Cupid riding on the back of a dolphin.

A similar representation appears on the seal of his successor, St Richard (1244–1253).

Azure a representation of Our Saviour seated crowned and a glory round His head, His right hand raised in benediction, His left resting on an open book Or, in His mouth a sword fessewise, point to the sinister Gules.

The station on Southgate is just a short walk to the city centre, where you’ll find the distinctive Market Cross.

Find out more about facilities at Chichester station.

The cathedral is Chichester Cathedral and the diocesan bishop is the Bishop of Chichester. to the area Bishop of Horsham and the area Bishop of Lewes.

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