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Except you definitely don’t feel like you’re in Manhattan.Between the grand stage, a separate dance room, two full bars, performance staff, VIP reserve seating and a limited kitchen, Nashville’s “only true dance club” is a pretty standard go-to for some.The crowd is typically male-dominated and leans toward the preppy, twinky, young, tan and sassy.

Novelty cocktails are served and always seem to be really strong, and relatively cheap, (especially compared to PLAY’s overpriced drink menu). Years ago, Blue Gene’s was a dark, dingy, gay karaoke bar populated mostly by service industry patrons letting off some steam.

There’s weekly live entertainment as well from local musicians, as well as dance nights and DJ sets featuring electronic, dance and house music. A remodel (which coincided with the opening of several classier establishments on the block) has left the low-key vibe in tact while welcoming a larger segment of the queer population.

The aim of student accountability and the judicial process is to assist students in their discovery of what it means to live in Christian community, to seek justice, to resolve conflict, to appreciate and celebrate culture and to practice leadership at Union University.

The philosophy of discipline at Union is redemptive and restorative in nature.

This smaller, “mature older brother” of next-door neighbor PLAY is for the young professional or individual who isn’t looking to do much other than sit and drink.

Great for dinner and cocktails after work or as a precursor to karaoke and dancing on the weekend, you won’t find this swanky joint hoppin’ much past 9pm on weeknights.

He is currently being held in the Sumner County Jail under a ,000.00 bond.

His General Session Court appearance is set for February 12, 2018, at am. The suspect in the robbery has been identified as Troy Tomes, 21 years of age from Scottsville, Kentucky.

For the white-collared, older, sophisticated or lazy types, Tribe is probably your best bet.

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