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Titus phase settlements are sometimes found on upland ridges protruding into the floodplains of the major and minor streams.

This example is near Benson's Crossing, Big Cypress Creek, Titus County, Texas. Wooded bottomland along Cooper Creek, a tributary of the South Sulphur River.

Several of these (if not all four) appear to be made of Edwards chert from central Texas.

Polished red bottle with negative engraved scrolls. Of the several hundred identified sites with Titus phase occupations, the largest concentration occurs in the Cypress Bayou (or Big Cypress Creek) Valley.

Combining both ideas, there are apparent geographical clusters within the Titus phase as well as noticeable changes through time.

Thurman defined his subclusters based on differences in the design motifs found on the most common type of decorated Titus phase pottery, Ripley Engraved bowls, as well as differences in other shared pottery types, and the distribution of different arrow point styles across the area.

Archeologist Pete Thurmond sees the Titus phase has being made up of four contemporaneous subclusters: the Three Basins, Tankersley Creek, Swauano Creek, and Big Cypress Creek.

In addition, Robert Turner has proposed early and late periods within the Titus phase based on design motif variations on Ripley Engraved carinated bowls and changes in vessel form.

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