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"In one episode, where Catwoman had produced a set of cat ornaments," he recalls, "I ad-libbed the line: 'Drop that golden pussy Robin - it may be radioactive.'" Certain critics feel that they can detect a certain element of camp in Batman. " he asks, looking at the gift, which is still on the table. "He might be coming back." "Thank God for that." Greg returns to his barbecue stall.This may be because the story concerns a mature, powerfully-built man and a naïve teenage boy, who avoid relationships with the opposite sex, but spend long hours together, wearing tights, in a secret cave; they explain their excursions, which routinely involve bondage, by informing their elderly aunt that they are "out fishing". indecent exposure." In marked contrast to West's book, serious literary references are entirely absent in Boy Wonder, with one exception. I've got to go back to work." And with that, Adam West disappears. West then reappears, from behind where I am sitting, looking slightly more composed.That said, some low part of me assumes that his reticence, and his remark about cannibalism, indicate some unspeakable behaviour in his past. "Though my wife says I am complicated." "I'll trust her on that one." "Well, you're probably right. And I find it really, really difficult to talk about myself." Ketchum is best known as the place where Ernest Hemingway came to experience silence and tranquillity, an ambience momentarily interrupted on 2 July 1961 when he blew his brains out with both barrels of a 12-gauge shotgun.

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A favourite haunt of Johnny Depp, Bill Murray and Jack Nicholson, Aspen was home to Hunter S Thompson until the writer, who made a pilgrimage to Ketchum shortly after Hemingway's suicide, despatched himself with a .45 in February. We sit on the terrace of one of Sun Valley's elegant restaurants, and West tells me how, on the strength of his popularity as Batman, he was invited for an audience with Pope Paul VI. He actually believed nobody could recognise him on the phone, when he was being Bruce Wayne, even though he made no attempt to disguise his voice." "In the same way that Inspector Clouseau never notices his accent," I suggest, "when everybody around him is also French." "That's right. In a lot of ways," West adds, "the show was very like your novel." "Have you read it? "I read the whole thing just now - while you were in the men's room." West - who mentions, with some satisfaction, that the Latin motto on Bruce Wayne's family crest means: "Art, Nonsense and Money" - says he finds it difficult to take life too seriously. Unless they're aiming a 9mm handgun in my direction.

He arrived the day before, and went out for a drink. In the first episode, Batman goes into a nightclub in the cowl, cape and bat gloves. ' he replies, 'No thank you - I'll stand at the bar. Life is full of ironies and absurdities." That said, he is nothing if not protective of the character of Batman.

When West was 12 he found her in bed with the local preacher.

An alcoholic, Audrey divorced when her son was 15 and took him to live in Seattle.

3,003) he has become increasingly reluctant to speak to journalists.

The process of arranging a meeting with West has taken months and involved the submission of previous interviews, dozens of phone messages and emails.

Perhaps his finest moment comes in the 1966 feature film, Batman: the caped crusader is running along a boardwalk, clutching a fizzing bomb which he repeatedly attempts to discard but can't, because he runs first into a group of nuns, then a woman with a pram, two lovers in a rowing boat, and a family of ducks.

"Some days," Batman complains, "you just can't get rid of a bomb." On occasions, West says, numerous takes were required as the cast couldn't stop laughing.

In recent years, Ward has argued that West's distinctive style as a comic actor - ironic earnestness, which invests the most ludicrous plot with a kind of surreal plausibility - simply betrays his woodenness as an actor; a theory which, having recently watched dozens of episodes of Batman, I think is deeply unfair to its star.

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