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Oh, my name will be on everyone's lips, assuming their lips haven't been torn off. That's alright, though- As Adam: -I can be patient.

Every decision is debated, every action questioned, every individual entitled to their own small opinion. (beat) It will be your undoing." Seska: I did it for you. We are alone here, at the mercy of any number of hostile aliens, because of the incomprehensible decision of a Federation Captain. You've the rest of your life to wrestle with the question, 'Who are you without him?

Do you understand, if this had been a Cardassian ship, we would be home now. Coulson: "You devoted your entire life to a deranged narcissist who never gave a damn about anyone, and now he's dead.

She's not the vain, carefree creature she once was.

Otherwise you might have realized that our Cordelia has become a very solitary girl. This is about you being too afraid to stand up to your family.

You know, you had a lot more in your life than some people.

You're just a big selfish, worthless waste."You're such a hypocrite.

And that's where we're going- As The Master: -right back to the beginning. You'll learn you're a pathetic schmuck, if it hasn't sunk in already.

Well, you probably thought that you'd be your own man, and I respect that, but- As Drusilla: -you never will. You'll always be in the dark with me, singing our little songs. You've always liked them, right from the beginning. I think we're all going to learn a little about ourselves.

Would that help you forget how completely you screwed my life up? Maybe I should just save you the trouble and blow my own brains out, hm?

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