Single parent dating directories white supremacy dating site

Doesn't look to me like it's any more or less information than a general phone book, so chances are if your listed in the phone book you may be listed here.I didn't follow their facebook orders but to me it doesn't look like you can simply remove yourself although an email to them might get your name removed next time they do some maintenance.My guess (and I'm not expert here) is that by your own information you say it was last found before you went silent so there is probably no law breaking.

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I tried my own phone number, and according to the photo I seem to be living in the dumpster out back of the local post office. Don't get me wrong, I like the idea, before ringing a missed call I have looked it up on the internet in the past but to mostly no avail.

I recall several years back when this company was first noted. Now I believe they purchase the phone directories in digital form from ?????

But my number never showed up in them – I actually have an old DTMS disk from 1999/2000.

But having a silent number means that it has never been in the white pages (in my case) so this suggestion by Reverse Australia in their email to Aegy...... It did find my disabled landline number which my naked dsl runs off though. Couldn't be bothered to find out why they want facebook membership to find out full details.

I just tried it on their database and it brings up some of my details – my first initial and last name as well as my suburb and state and (wrong) postcode.

So wherever they are getting the database from it is not the white pages.

So wherever they are getting the database from it is not the white pages. Every complaint we've had about a silent number being listed has always been tracked down to the original source, which so far has always found the white pages at fault. I just chuckled at what happenstance had the pointer pointing to. And what's the nature and source of this website's revenue?

I'm not too impressed about someone making profit off my personal information, public record or not.

That is really a rhetorical question because that part of it doesn't concern or affect me but I'm just saying. My parents in law number comes up which is silent and has been since phones were invented. We collect as many names as we can from various sources that are attached to addresses. The fact that I'm paying for a service to aide towards security and privacy only to have a site like this counteract that is disgusting.

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