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Tank battles occurred in the Iran-Iraq war, giving the opportunity for the post-revolutionary Iranian armored divisions to test their mettle against a wide array of Iraqi tanks (mostly Soviet-built or Chinese-built models), with both Western models from before the 1979 revolution (mostly American and British) and from the Soviet Union after this date.

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The Zulfiqar (or “Zolfaqar”) is nowadays Iran’s Main Battle Tank, and logically attracted all the attention of world defense experts, due to Iran’s status on the international scene.

The Zulfiqar or Zulfeqhar is still quite a mysterious tank, even difficult to class under the 2nd or 3rd generation, and which apparently was under the making right after the Iran-Iraq war, now on its third evolution.

Drive sprockets are on the rear, right with the transmission.

Tracks are also of the same design of the M60, with a pair of rubber shoes on each double pin link.

The gunner is located apparently on the left-hand side, with his own hatch.

In addition to the main gun, there is a coaxial 7.62 mm MG3 machine gun, a Russian-made 12.7 mm Ds Hk heavy machine gun located on the front of the roof, over the gun, and another manned by the commander, while the gunner is given another MG3 on a ring mount.

General Considerations: Most of what experts knows is what they just saw when comparing photos and crossing the few official statements.

Both the Osorio and Abrams seemed to have been considered as possible inspirations and bore indeed some resemblance to the Zulfiqar.

The Zulfiqar 3 2A46M main gun is locally built and fitted with a modified autoloader.

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