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A dark hood was draped over my head, causing me to kick and scream louder as they half walked, half dragged me out.

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Pennington Hill Grammar School for Girls has a very traditional summer and winter school uniform for all students from first to sixth form.

The summer uniform consists of a maroon skirt, maroon blazer, maroon V neck pullover and jersey, white long sleeve blouse, maroon knee socks, black Mary Jane school shoes with the strap and silver buckle over the top of the foot.

Nicola Green was a 21 year-old graduate in English Literature from Exeter University.

She had been fortunate to get an offer of a 6 month internship at a small, but respectable, London publishing house starting 2 months after she graduated with an upper second class degree.

I’ve always been a very sociable person, with a great love of sport, so this arrangement suited me perfectly. A game of Pirates was in full swing in the Lower Sixth PE lesson and, judging by the exuberant noises, most of the girls were thoroughly enjoying it, prancing round wildly up and down beams and ropes and wall bars and across benches, some trying to catch and some trying to get away.

All the girls were in the prescribed white tops, but somehow most of them had ignored the rules about what to wear on their bottoms, and the mixture of rather inelegant blue shorts, stylish gym knickers, which was what they were supposed to be wearing, and what were undoubtedly school knickers, was not very aesthetic.The metal door banged open and two dark burly figures appeared. Please…” Instead of replying, the men yanked me off the stone-cold floor and twisted my hands behind me.The same metal rings cuffed my skin as my hands were handcuffed together.The winter uniform consists of only two changes, the maroon skirt and knee socks making way for maroon trousers and ankle socks.At Pennington Hill, all students are known by their surnames, and all female staff are addressed as ‘Miss’, while male staff are addressed as ‘Sir’.Viewing these stories is entirely free and all we ask is that you respect the authors’ copyright.

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