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A quick search on Google will reveal a lot of people who are disillusioned by the purity culture movement that Harris is partly responsible for creating.

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Many felt the book admonishing them to repress their sexuality and miss out on healthy relationships in their formative years.

Some go so far as to say the book caused them to miss their chance at a happy marriage. Well, it looks like he’s starting to change his tune a little.

The difference is that for your partner and me, our happiness with people is more short-lived, so we feel like we have to leave onto the next one but don't want to say good bye or leave an appropriate explanation because we don't want to know from you how we're hurting your feelings/don't find it worth the time to tell you what went wrong/don't want to give ourselves the opportunity for you to talk us out of our decision.*By the way, I am a female.

I only state this because I noticed one of the answers claim that leaving without good bye is a guy thing.

After all, what advice could someone give another on relationships when that person hadn’t been in a significant one yet and had lived such a short time on earth?

Many found Harris’ idea to steer clear of dating until they were sure God had sent “the one” absolutely impractical.

After a close relationship with someone for about eight months I start convincing myself to leave. Was your relationship seemingly perfect up to his departure?

Perhaps he played the act of a loving partner to soften his departure, so that up until he left, you would have some fond memories.

(I did the same thing with my best friends.)His decision to leave without explanation was not a spur of the moment action.

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