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It'snot supposed to be the child's job to support the parent..until they're The Ride age anyway. If i can raise the dough for it how soon after landing will it sell. Wn it was about 2 hit d girl,d boy ran like hell n saved her. ' D boy replied "Boost is d secret of my energy" n instantly d girl shouted "our energy" n Thy lived happily 2gthr drinking boost evrydy Moral of d story:- I hv free msgs: D;): gud ni8ham Rose for red,red for blood,blood for heart,heart for u.

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i said we were going after you got home from class. It makes me want to listen to you It so happens that there r 2waxsto do wat you want. And she'll be able to deliver and have basic care. I say the same things constantly and they go in one ear and out the other while you go off doing whatever you want to do.

I'm currently shopping for the right medical insurance for her. Thats when see the major person that can guide me to the right Can you tell Shola to please go to college of medicine and visit the academic department, tell the academic secretary what the current situation is and ask if she can transfer there. It's not that you don't know why I'm upset--it's that you don't listen when i tell you WHAT is going to upset me.

Dormitory = Dirty room Astronomer = Moon starer The eyes = They see Election results = Lies lets recount Mother-in-law = Woman Hitler Eleven plus two =Twelve plus one Its Amazing...

So why wouldn't THAT be the time to clean, fold laundry, etc.? Holla Amazing : If you rearrange these letters it gives the same meaning...

I love you Should i buy him a blackberry bold 2 or torch. And what are you saying about the about the <#> g? Also is there anything in ur past history u need to tell me? I wrote it, and like so many other times i've ritten stuff to you, i let it sit there.

Pls continue the brisk walks no drugs without askin me please and find things to laugh about. Plus are you saying i should buy the <#> g wifi ipad. If none can do it, Make a strike against it ..no, i *didn't* mean to post it.

ham Don't worry though, I understand how important it is that I be put in my place with a poorly thought out punishment in the face of the worst thing that has ever happened to me.

Moral: One can 4get d name of a person, bt not his girlfrnd... Should i call his boss and tell him, knowing this may get him fired?

2-u need some 1 to support 3-u r frnd 2 many 4-some1 luvs u 5 - some1 is praying god to marry u.:-) try it...Oh shut it. I even told mark in my dream that he was changing diapers cause I'm not getting owed in the I know you are thinkin malaria. And if you give her malaria meds now she will just vomit.

If she takes enough to replace her loss her temp will reduce.

ham Well there's a pattern emerging of my friends telling me to drive up and come smoke with them and then telling me that I'm a weed fiend/make them smoke too much/impede their doing other things so you see how I'm hesitantham Ha ha nan yalrigu heltini.. "Margaret Hello" She is d girlfrnd f Grahmbell who invnted telphone...

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