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Things that they will begin implementing immediately.It isn’t just marriages that it will help with but any important interpersonal relationship you have. For myself, it was so liberating and useful to actually pinpoint what “language” I was speaking.I have read many marriage books over the years, but this is by far one of the most influential.

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Grab a highlighter, a pen, and two copies because you and your husband are going to want to read it together, write notes and then switch!

The 5 Love Languages book helped me look outward with my love instead of inward.

After all, it’s hard to know how to keep your child’s “love tank” full if you don’t know what makes them feel loved.

I would highly recommend these books to any couple or parent!

It was such a great resource for us, and now it’s one of our favorite gifts to give at bridal showers and weddings.

We love it so much that we bought The 5 Love Languages for Children as soon as we started our family.Mostly because I am all five of the love languages, while my husband is only two.But it gave us a firm grasp on what will work to show and receive love in the future.The one thing that has really stuck with me, in reflection, has been that we all show love, primarily, according to how we receive love.To show love in a way that another will receive it in their own love language takes forethought and selflessness.I’ve read a handful of marriage books and this one is HANDS DOWN the one that made the biggest impression on me! The idea that we all give and receive love in different ways made complete sense!

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