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New biocompatible materials for the medical industry, All the industries are really looking for technologies that will improve their product development and their manufacturing process.

That is why the technology is always evolving to provide better possibilities to many companies.

The idea with this 3D molecular machine is to copy the way nature works when creating small molecules.

In the end, if everything is 3D printable, why wouldn’t it be possible to 3D print chemicals?

3D printing chemical structures are now progressively becoming a reality.

2.9.2014 We have acquired new ATEX and IECEx certificates for flameproof brake motors type BM 4KTC, flameproof motors type 4KTC, submersible flameproof motor with IP68 and made new flameproof motor for mining and industry 5KTCR 355, power up to 400k W 1140V.

6.11.2013 We acquired certificate from Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia certifies that proves the company owning this website, satisfies the criteria for certification.

Additive manufacturing to create molecule is clearly offering possibilities that we can’t even imagine for the moment.

But with these new applications, it is clearly allowing mass customization on a brand new level.

This way, scientist, and doctors could test the medicinal properties of molecules that never have been used before!

We saw previously that 3D printing is becoming a great asset in the medical industry and is allowing to save lives, and improve the life comfort of patients.

Melanie Brinkmann and her team have carried out this research within the framework of a collaborative research centre (CRC900) funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG).

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