Trouble updating iphone 4 2 dating widower with children

If you're the sort who will want to pull the trigger on upgrading to i OS 11.3 -- which will likely be soon -- the moment it's released, there are some steps that you should take so you don't end up in a world of hurt.Must read: Dear Apple: i OS is now a toxic hellstew Word is it will land tomorrow, coinciding with Apple's "Let's Take a Field Trip'" event.However, if an app that you are relying on is listed, then you need to get ready for its demise.

Plenty of i OS launches have been marred by bugs and problems, so with that in mind, it's a good idea to have an up-to-date backup, because making a fuss isn't going to bring back your lost photos or documents.

You can either create a local backup using i Tunes, or backup to i Cloud by going to Settings Backup, and then turning on i Cloud Backup. I don't really comment on beta code, because, well, it is beta code, after all.

Before you go hog-wild, throw caution to the wind, and start upgrading, be aware that there are risks.

Things can go wrong, stuff may be broken, and you may lose data.

However, devices that I have wiped and reloaded a new i OS onto, and then installed and re-setup all my apps and such, feel faster and seem to suffer from fewer problems (such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi issues).

However, wiping and reloading the apps and data is pretty big hassle, and it's probably more work than most want to undertake.

Right now, it's hard to tell whether this is down to diagnostic and debugging code still in the i OS beta or some wider performance issue that will affect the final release.

Chances are that your i Phone or i Pad has accumulated a lot of detritus over the months and years, so what better time to get rid of it than now.

NOTE: You'll need to be able to connect your i Phone or i Pad to your computer so you can access the Recovery tools in i Tunes.

If you don't have a computer, you'll have to find someone who does or visit an Apple Store and have a technician help you.

Hopefully, you've backed up your i Phone or i Pad before you initiated the i OS update and will have a fresh backup waiting for you if something goes wrong.

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