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Tracing Your Family History Army includes details on where to find service and casualty records; an explanation of the military structure and rank as well as explanations of the resources available from the Imperial War Museum.There is also a useful addresses section and a select bibliography where further help and information can be obtained.


It can take up to four months for information to be sent back to the applicant.

Welfare enquires are given priority over family interest enquires.

Any details known of disability pension, wounds, injury or illnesses from army service should be included in the request for service details of an ex-serviceman/woman search document.

There is a small charge for the information and in 2008 this was 30.

There are many ways to get back in touch with former QA's and members of the armed forces.

This find army friends and how to find military records page also has information about tracing the history and service records of deceased relatives who served in the army or worked as a nurse in the National Health Service (NHS).

Another genealogy website which gives you access to military records and allows you to build a family tree is Find My Past.

Tracing Your Family History Army Those seeking help in tracing your family history for army personnel would benefit from reading the book Army (Tracing Your Family History) from the Imperial War Museum which guides the beginner in tracing relatives involvement in twentieth century warfare.

Friendships are formed within the QARANC and with soldiers from many regiments and corps.

Often such friends are posted and it is all too easy to lose contact, or misplace addresses or e-mails.

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