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The Gold release of v Bulletin 3.6.0 New features in 3.7 included an inline spam management & prevention system, thread tagging and tag cloud, thread prefixes, reciprocal friendship between users, public visitor messaging on user profile pages, user picture albums, user-created social groups, user-customizable profile pages, a lightbox viewer for images attached to posts, post edit history, a notices system, multiple human verification systems, and social bookmarking integration.

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The easiest way to walk teams through these calculations is the JVN calculator.

It has tabs set up for commonly used gearboxes, rotary mechanisms, linear mechanisms, and much more.

If 2 of the wheels where non driven casters that would be 50% assuming a perfect weight distribution.

Also for the purposes of this calculator omni and mecanum wheels are the same as traction wheels and wheel drop is ignored.

You can pretty much leave it at 81% for most FRC applications.

For "weight on driven wheels" if you have a 4WD robot with all wheels being driven then you would set that at 100%.It's an empirically-determined value, and will "vary from robot to robot".The 81% value is "about right" for the robots that team 148 builds. The calculations end up being "about right." "About right" is totally okay for a FIRST Robot." Stuff in quotes are excerpts from an old JVN post.Sexual astrology natal report love romance astrology 2016 jelsoft enterprises ltd report caught between 2 lovers report personal custom monthly report sexualastrology compatibility report new!On-line interactive astrology reports (real-time astrologyoracles), astroindex (online encyclopedia), online astrology bibliography, real-time search for charts from 20,000 celebrity charts, and more.As there was still a demand for the software, Limm and Percival created Jelsoft and released their work as a paid solution, called v Bulletin 1.

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