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Unfortunately my server case only has a slim-DVD slot on it so I purchased the Panasonic UJ160 Blu-Ray Player Drive because it was one of the cheaper Blu-Ray drives.

I wasn’t sure if VMware would recognize the Blu-Ray functions on the drive but it does!

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Instructions to get it installed on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS follows.

Most Blu-Ray drives have an anti-feature called “riplock” where it will purposefully cripple the read-speed on dvds and blue-rays to around 2X to 4X instead of the advertised drive speed (I believe this to be false advertising).

And optionally rip all the other titles into an Extras folder.

Once done ARM can automatically tell Emby to rescan the library.

(if you ever need it this is a great command get get info on a disk): For video discs the first step is ARM tries to obtain the disc title.

If it’s a blu-ray it can often be extracted from the disc, if it’s a DVD we calculate a hash of the DVD and then query Windows Media Metaservice (which is what Windows Media Player queries when a disc is inserted) to get the title.

Fortunately this manual part of the process can be done at any time, it won’t hold up ripping more media.

The Emby Server then downloads artwork and metadata for the videos.

Once the title is obtained we send that to the OMDB API which will tell us whether the video is a Movie, or a TV Show.

If the video is a Movie ARM can usually determine the main title feature, and rip that.

If an audio track is detected it is ripped to a FLAC file (or mp3 or whatever you want) using the abcde ripper.

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