Updating old bookcase

I had done this with my bathroom cabinetry and it had made a huge difference.

I didn’t mind the shape of the hutch’s pulls which was a good thing because when I tried to take them off to spray paint them rubbed oil bronze it quickly came to my attention that these pulls weren’t going anywhere. So, with painters tape I taped around the pulls on the bottom half of the hutch and painted them espresso by hand (with a small paint brush, finger painting was not involved:-)). Once I moved to our current home (about 2 1/2 years ago) I was finally ready to paint the hutch!

Unfortunately the color is a custom one with no indication anywhere on the containter of the mix.

I used an enamel paint on my kids bathroom vanity and loved working with this paint.

It would be a similar process to painting a hutch except don’t forget to put painters tape around the edges of the glass.

I took some left over beadboard, painted it blue, cut it to size with a jig saw, and placed it in the back of the hutch.

You can beadboard, wallpaper, stencil, or just paint the back of the hutch a different color.

I also used this same paint to paint a console table for my room (I bought it at a garage sale, it was originally oak with green wrought iron).

This time I didn’t want a distressed vibe (especially since the textured drawers were already giving off that vibe loud and clear).Switching out of items in your hutch or bookcase doesn’t have to be expensive. The hardware on my hutch was as brassy as you can get.It can be as simple as spraying painting a trinket you already have a more contemporary color. I immediately thought to switch it out for something more current.Just this one update alone can do a lot to freshen up an outdated hutch or bookcase. Change out the items you have displayed in your hutch.When I determined I wasn’t going to be painting my hutch quite yet I decided I needed to bring in some more updated items and color schemes to display.Although I had painted other furniture and cabinetry for some reason I wasn’t ready to paint the hutch.

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