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If there is one ubiquitous feature that RAS has encountered in the Academical Village, it is the brick box drain.

Early drains at the University were square-shaped linear conduits, constructed of brick, and often containing pargeted interiors.

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Here are 10 discoveries from that time period, with insight provided by Ford about their historical or archaeological significance.

Perhaps the single most important site that Rivanna Archaeological Services has investigated at the University, and one that I am extremely proud of having worked on. We started clearing soils at the west end of the site and within the first hour we started identifying burials.

When projects such as construction or renovation uncover artifacts or unusual information, Ford and Thompson often are not far behind.

Their analysis and research from the past two decades has helped to refine and expand understanding of UVA’s rich history.

The road was a concave, approximately 12-foot wide and 59-foot long section that contained significant gravel and numerous wheel ruts.

A road in this location is depicted on several mid-19th-century maps of the University.A commemoration of the African-American burial ground held every few years is a very moving ceremony.The African-American burial ground will continue to be a cultural lodestone for future research into the free and enslaved African-American community at the University.Deciphering the history and physical development of the University’s road system has been an ongoing challenge.Knowing when a road was constructed, how its course changed over time, determining when different types of surfaces were adopted and how they may have looked are questions frequently addressed during archaeological work in the Academical Village.A proponent of advances in technology, in 1825 Jefferson implemented paving a road surrounding the University using John Loudoun Mc Adam’s road-making system, known as “macadamization.” At the time, the University’s Mc Adam road was the second in the nation to adopt this state-of-the-art designed road. constructed the first macadamized road in America, located between Hagerstown and Boonsboro, Maryland, circa 1822-23.) During a project in 2008, RAS identified and documented several road surfaces east of and adjacent to Hotel B on the East Range terrace.

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