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American Express has a number of advantages that make it particularly suitable for funding your casino account.

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It may not be such a money hole for credit card companies like Visa and Mastercard, said CCBill's Fisher.

Those companies have worked more actively with adult sites to reduce the rate of charge backs, and they seem happy with the business.

Having merged with several other US financial services companies and banks of the day, American Express started to expand its reach nationwide, striking up partnerships with other companies involved in mail distribution, transport and financial services across the US.

It’s first venture in the world of finance was money orders, a product designed to compete with the US Post Office, which had pioneered a similar method of transferring money, in what can be classed as a forerunner to the modern cheque.

Trusted as a quick, safe way to transact, it’s becoming ever more popular for those playing at online and mobile casinos, thanks to the lack of fees involved.

For consumers, American Express is a fast, flexible way to do business.Grousing on adult webmaster message boards echoes Fisher's sentiments."While my Amex revenues as a whole are comparatively small, representing only about 0,000 annually, it STILL is more than chump change and pisses me off," wrote one poster in a forum at American Express shrugs off the complaints, saying the decision boils down to simple economics.Logically, they're about to get more of it."CCBill will be sending an email to all current American Express customers notifying them of the situation and asking them to return to the website to sign up using a Visa, Master Card, Discover Card, or Online Checks," wrote CCBill in a letter to the 4,000 adult website operators that process credit transactions through CCBill.Visa did not return calls seeking comment for this story, and Mastercard officials could not be reached.Instead, it’s simply a case of pulling out your card, entering the numbers, and getting started.

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