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The only thing that suffers more physical abuse than your i Phone is the charging cable you leave dangling off the wall in your bedroom.

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Please sir, no sobbing in the Apple Store." That's exactly what the Genius Bar rep told the jailbreaker.

Most of us treat our i Phone like our Mac Book and dismiss the idea of shutting it down when not in use.

Familiarize yourself with the Multitasking feature so you can close apps simultaneously.

Like the Net, the mobile landscape is a malware cesspool.

Steam can either cause wear-and-tear to the design or seep into the device and convert into water, possibly short-circuiting hardware.

Overheating is another issue since steam can inflame the surface your phone is laid out on.But updating your i Phone can be the radical solution that prevents your device from crashing frequently or running slow.Not to mention the latest round of i OS features tend to improve system performance and security.Leaving it in the sun to catch a tan will overheat the device and ruin the circuitry inside, while keeping it out in frigid weather will freeze the handset.And now for some basic science: hot water produces steam.Problem is, the handset requires a good amount of it to continue functioning.

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