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So, thanks to a little push from Mer, Callie figures out what her next step is.

This allows the Dream Team to complete the astonishing operation.“Told you …

According to the red headed doc, a patient is in need of an extraordinary surgery — one that essentially reconfigures the human body.

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But Callie tries to calm him down, telling Thorpe that they all want the same thing — to save the patient’s life.

Back at Grey Sloan, things heat up between Maggie (Kelly Mc Creary) and De Luca (Giacomo Gianniotti) when the two make their way into a supplies closet.

She explains to him that she wants to keep their romance under wraps but their secret romance is taking a toll on De Luca.“It’s getting a little old,” he tells her, clearly annoyed that he’s a skeleton in her literal closet.

Back at the military facility, Thorpe continues to go head-to-head with the Dream Team about the risky surgery.

“And then there was all this craziness about was I gonna be hosting or not, and people were pretty vocal on social media about it and I got the offer.” As if there’s another stand-up comic who’s also a licensed New York City cab driver! Only on @Discovery @Real Ben Bailey #Cashcab @JDS_PR @ncisnola Rlho7XC — Scott Bakula (@Scott Bakula) December 4, 2017 Drama aside, Bailey is happy to be back at the wheel five years after “Cash Cab” was canceled after its original run from 2005-2012.

(Turns out there is someone, “just one, though I don’t know if he’s still a licensed cabbie.”) Hi Everyone! The show returned this month on the Discovery Channel, airing Sundays at 10 p.m.

“One woman said she was in the CIA,” Bailey recalls.

“Another guy said he was in the witness-protection program, and a few different times we got couples who weren’t with the person they were supposed to be with.” When he’s not driving the Cash Cab, Bailey gets around mostly via a car service, though he admits it takes “three times as long as the subway, which is still the best way to get around.” That’s the kind of truth about New York life you don’t get from a lot of shows.

“If you can give me that, well, I’m all in.”Before the surgery begins, Thorpe warns the Dream Team that their work “better be as good” as their talk.

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