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The casting announcement covers members of the main “superhero” team, The Seven, which is a kind of parody of the Justice League…Although in this case, they are definitely super, but not really heroes…

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I suspect this is going to be darkly comic and extremely graphic!

No news on an air date for ‘The Boys‘ yet, but we’ll keep you posted!

which is not a good thing at the best of times, but rather worse when you have some of the most potent powers on the team. Chace Crawford will play The Deep, who is their version of Aquaman and is seen as a lesser member of the team.

He can fly, has superhuman strength and durability.

star hung out and took photos with her pals Chace Crawford, his sister Candice, and her husband, Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo.

In case you don’t know, tonight’s big game features the New England Patriots vs. Unlike the other members of the team, her story seems rather more tragic than evil.After The Seven botched a job trying to save people on 9/11, she became a raging alcoholic… He’s a young, cocky jerk, who was responsible for the death of Wee Hughie’s girlfriend.Antony Starr is set to play Homelander, leader of The Seven. except rather than being the wholesome farm boy, he’s a massive amoral jerk and sexual predator.Rather than “great power” coming with “great responsibility”, for him “great power” means he thinks he can do whatever he likes.Nathan Mitchell plays Black Noir – basically their stand-in for Batman…

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