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“It seemed like people thought I quit basketball to pursue entertainment and music and that was just not the case.” In fact, it was Gibson’s injuries, to go along with his divorce and the death of his grandmother (whom he lived with) that put him in a mental state unlike anything he’d ever been through.“I was just hit with a flurry of events,” Gibson says.Sometimes even contraception methods can fail since not all of them are 100% effective, so it is best to find out which are the first symptoms of pregnancy in order to provide a healthy lifestyle for the unborn baby from early on...

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Do you think NBA fans or your fans in general have some misconceptions about why you’re not playing in the NBA anymore? So, for me it was solely about that point in my career.

The headline I hated to see, and I even contacted them about it, is ‘Daniel Gibson quits the NBA to rap.’ It’s foolish. That bothers me because that time in my life, it was so difficult. I still was writing music and writing short stories at the same time. There was some interest from other NBA teams for you to come back, but would it be fair to say you declined those opportunities due to your injuries? When I stopped playing, I had options to go a few different places to either work out or possibly talk about joining other teams.

To many of her fans disappointment the news always turned out to be false.

However, US weekly magazine has recently reported that a surprise pregnancy might have indeed occurred. Read More The news that Victoria Beckham is pregnant with fourth child comes a shocker for most people due to the infidelity rumors surrounding soccer player David Beckham in the past few months.

Ex-NBA star Daniel Gibson says his music career is BLASTING OFF …

telling TMZ Sports he’s been working with some HUGE artists lately, like Chris Brown & Wiz Khalifa.Speaking about Harry Potter, Radcliffe confesses that, "I hadn’t thought that I’d be sad at all when it came to finishing the films, but then it happened and I was weeping.When you’re doing something for that long with the same people, you kind of start thinking, God, can I do anything else? Read More Pregnancy is a wonderful thing, if it happens at the right time in life, a time when you are ready to take that kind of responsibility.So going into that free-agency summer, I had surgery but it also happened at a time where I had a divorce going on at the same time. Mentally, I was out of it and It took away my ability to workout because I was on the shelf for about three months because of the surgery, but just with everything going on, I was out of it.I am talking anxiety, depression, and everything, you name it. Daniel Gibson: Man, there are so many misconceptions when it comes to me not playing basketball. It’s not something you have to completely stop doing to do the other.

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