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DENVER (CBS4) – The drummer for the band One Republic allegedly broke down a bathroom door to get to his girlfriend during a domestic dispute earlier this week. Tuesday and faces charges of assault, disturbing the peace and destruction of property.

According to police documents, officers rushed to Fisher’s girlfriend’s home in the 600 block of North Clermont Street after the woman asked her roommate to call police.

She went crazy." Later, when I ask him what he would like to say to Liz if, by some miracle, she were to suddenly walk in now, he says: "Give me my jewels back! His voice, in its Sinatra-esque way, is totally stop-what-you-are-doing fantastic. Although, having said that, Eddie's career might not have dwindled quite so spectacularly if he'd been able to make the transfer to film like, say, Bing Crosby or Sinatra but, he says, he was the most appalling actor. " I ask, if he could go back to his prime, and spend the night with just one of the woman he's slept with, who would it be?

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In their report, officers observed that the cabinet holding the bathroom sink had been broken off the wall and pushed halfway to the floor.

Fisher was taken to Denver Health Medical Center due to his intoxication and minor injuries.

LINK: ADDITIONAL RESOURCES: Statement of Probable Cause Doctors at UT-Southwestern's O' Donnell Brain Institute have detected what they believe are changes in a single molecule that could act as the starting point for the deadly, memory-stealing disease.

I am waiting in the lobby of The Sloane Club in London when Eddie Fisher arrives with his fourth wife, Betty Lin. " "You sure do, Eddie." They have just, it turns out, come from a TV interview during which a 1959 film clip of Eddie was shown.

The 37 years he spent addicted to speed and then cocaine. "Although I'm sure I must have gone out with some non-beautiful women." "Oh?

Tennis." "Wimbledon was good this year," adds Eddie.

That’s when his girlfriend asked her roommate to call police.

Officers also interviewed a 7-year-old girl who was in the home at the time of the altercation.

" "I've had an extraordinary life, one worth telling. And once I started I just couldn't stop." I don't think he could stop, actually.

"Oh, my hair, my hair, give me my hair back," he cries. oh, this hair is terrible." Come now, I say soothingly, it isn't that bad. But he did, ultimately, manage to get close to Carrie. "She even said, while I was writing it, that if I was rude about her or her mom she'd stop speaking to me and wouldn't let me see my grand-daughter Billie." "Yet you persisted?

In the mugshot taken by police of Fisher on Tuesday, Fisher has a wound on his forehead and his eyes appear glassy.

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