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And even still, the writers make that pairing go so hot and cold, I wouldn’t be surprised if–whether the premiere picks up right where we left off or after the summer or whenever–if it ended very quickly, ala Sixson in this season’s premiere and/or was off-and-on again.As for where Naomi fits into it, well, I am presuming she will be dealing with being raped or almost raped.

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I would think that will involve Liam somehow, but I’m not sure. Im not really interested in Annies accident dilemma, because shes not going to JAIL regardless. THANK U, TDW, 4 an awesome season (s) of liveblogs.

(All of this is just guessing.) Yes, I did feel like they were kinda sorta trying to replicate Brenda/Dylan/Kelly but with the blonde/brunette positions reversed and different histories with the couples and friendships. Your site is to die for, so professional, I love it!! not like I thought it was going to be because of all the spoilers and stuff.

That’s a wrap on 90210 and live-blogging til the fall.

I will be resuming my weekly trivia games on Twitter soon and I will also have surveys to evaluate One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl and 90210’s seasons, like I did last year.

Everything was just left up in the air and I know they are suppose to be cliffhangers on the finale but to me those didn’t feel like cliffhangers they were just randomly unanswered events if that makes sense and I really was irritated by the fact that the writers made Annie and Liam miss the torch ceremony.

I thought that was a very important moment and with them being juniors turning into seniors, the whole gang should have been there.

I’m interested if you think that’s the case and whether or not it’s working 😛 I will note one more thing…

I enjoy the West Bev scenes a lot more when they actually film on location at St.

This is going to be my first summer without your weekly live blogs. And I just wanted to take the time to thank you for everything you do for us fellow teen drama whores. =) Brandon, I think I see a litttttttle bit of spark with Dixon and Silver. Liomi I bought into it because of the sexual chemistry (while knowing the relationship would never actually work). But in all cases, it’s definitely not on par with what we saw past teen dramas accomplish. Annie and Adrianna’s personal stories ended with cliffhangers, and the results will affect their pairings.

Seddy I enjoyed but have been turned off (and on and off and on…) since they actually got together. Trevor has played very coy about whether he’s going to be back, so I’m not convinced he will be.

I feel like the show hasn’t given us the chance to care about Ryan.

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