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Gonzo's Better Half," Dear Jack, I am a writer and a traveller, in my 40’s. 10 years of travels, working for companies around Europe. Note that much of this story are fragments that might shed some light on this. Sexual issues As in: I can’t get an orgasm unless I fantasize about myself walking down the stairs dressed like Cinderella when having sex with my girlfriends? Except that I missed having a girlfriend at the time. Lovers and break-ups Until another trigger point came in 1999. I kicked out my mate who had borrowed my place during that time, and even if I was deadly tired, it didn’t stop me from going through the transformation ritual. Or should I say I am a cross dresser with no gender variety, or is it something more? And came home with a full new bag with women’s clothes, even makeup. I couldn’t wait to transform properly for the first time in more than two years.

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He has been in 15 celebrity relationships averaging approximately 3.2 years each. Given Name: David Jude Heyworth Law Age: 45 (12/29/1972)Occupation: Entertainment - Actor Most Famous For: role in The Talented Mr.

Who Jude Law dated; list of Jude Law loves, ex girlfriends; breakup rumors.

For some strange reason, I wanted to get my suit trousers off, and get myself into a blanket as if it was a skirt. The ballerinas In 6th grade, I experienced something disturbing. One might say that my crinoline fetish started right there, although I had always been fascinated by them. She saw me, and in panic, I hid in that shack with her trying to open the door on the other side. And buying women’s clothing for Xmas under the pretence of them being presents. How can or could she expect me to tell the whole secret when that was the secret I wanted to keep hidden for as long as I lived? Travelling from place to place from job to job, sometimes going hobo to have something to write about, sometimes I would live like a king. I needed to experience my “inner woman” in a public space. I got an appointment with a CD shop with a lovely lady who offered me accommodation for the 3 nights before going to this weekend event. Taking the train to the coastal town where the event was. I would look myself in the mirror, and I would clearly pass if someone were more than two feet away from me. As far as pure “AGPism” goes, there wasn’t a trace of that. From heterosexual cross dressers, to gays, to veterans, scholars, married, pre-op, and post-op. When going into town for the first time to shop, I was nervous. Besides, I was -- apart from my voice -- passing (according to witnesses). Here, I could walk into a shop straight to the women’s department all dressed up and gorge myself without anyone lifting an eye. The feelings have been strong this week since I started reading about this and using your blog as reference point. Autogynephilia Out of intellectual curiosity I wanted to find out what this “AGP” was, and what causes, and if there’s a cure as if I would ever want one. This text has been shared with permission of the writer. For more crossdreamer life stories, visit the Crossdream Life forum.

Funny how a long lost memory has popped up like this. I don’t know who suggested it (it may have been me), but around the age of 12 we raided his mother’s wardrobe. We were producing a Christmas show, and four of the boys were volunteering to play ballerinas. She called the police, and they yanked the door open with ease. CDing [cross dressing] was only a source of shame and guilt. When I had money to spend, I invested unabashedly in my wardrobe and without regret (unless I bought something that did not fit). Given the fact that getting dressed, made up, accessorised can be a highly erotic act in itself (as preparing for a date or an event), but this arousal doesn’t last. Getting comfortable in the uncomfortable as it were. However: When I told my friends, my trusted brothers in arms, about this predicament, none of them were bothered by my little hobby. I was out, gathering more GEMs for my “great literary career”. During that fall, I would dress as often as I could. For the first time in my life, I would meet other cross dressers. What frightened me a bit, is that when we had a pageant they convinced me to partake in because they all thought I was going to win. I’m afraid that my male psyche would take another dive on that one. Normally, my planned sessions seldom last more than a week. She has more clothes than “I” will own in my entire life.

The loves, exes and relationships of Jude Law, listed by most recent. Fans will also enjoy sexy photos of young Jude Law and hot Jude Law pics.

Jude Law was married once; his ex-wife, Sadie Frost, gave birth to three children.

The outsiders When school started, I really found out what living in a harsh world meant. I fit in by beating up, or at least give any tormentor something to remember me by. I would often pull my towel around my waist and a frothy bathrobe with a belt and pretend these were something else. I did deny for myself that I was in fact a cross dresser. We were in 12th grade, and were about to challenge gender stereotypes. But something told me to take a break from it (still some doubt, and a voice from Anslinger that weed causes reefer madness). Soon I found myself engulfed in feminization hypnosis videos. I found a range of TG fiction, captions, and much more. Finally, I came home to my country in the north of Europe broke, unemployed and injured instead of going to (...) as planned. I envisioned myself in my feminine clothing travelling instead of my male clothes.

Other than that, my best friend and I would do what every other kid would do. The term “transvestite” grossed me out when I heard the term the first time. This was a secret I wouldn’t even give up under pressure of water boarding But where-ever I would go, I would have my cross dreaming with me. My year in the US as an exchange student was a painful, but learned from it. And then you get hammered the next weekend having forgotten about the Sunday morning pledge. I was starting a new school, and had to start all over. I had seen something that no other around me had seen or lived through. I had two of the girls making me up, and dressing me.

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Arousal For a long time, I thought that my little “fetish” differed from other cross dressers is that it aroused me. And I believed that this pathologized me in some ways. After that week, I went out, got really drunk on a ferry to a country next door, and landed in the drunk tank. I locked everybody out, and didn’t work for months. All because I didn’t want my parents to find out and start asking awkward questions. They were not blatant about their gender identity, nor their androphile sexuality [being attracted to men]. It seemed to me that half of of the town were cross dressers. I was all of a sudden not “getting any” after some years of full bohemian life. I was having my compulsory once-in-a-lifetime back packing tour around Europe. By that time, I had gone from being an ardent anti-“drugs” disciple to slowly opening my eyes to the value of a joint over booze. The dressing lasted until I got some new roomies, and decided to move out. And moved into a collective where dressing would be almost impossible outside the confines of a small room. I had two romances, in which one almost ended in marriage, but ended with me doing another purge at my ex-fiancées bidding. And just like you, I refuse the term “autogenophiliac” as if this is some form of pervesion. Blanchard [the man behind the autogynephilia theory], all “AGPs” must have a constant erection for the duration of the dressing session, no matter how long it takes, and no arousal must occur during that session. Blanchard seem to forget that all you need to get sexually aroused is a dick. He also seem to forget that the largest erogenous zone is the brain.

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