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I was hurt because I slowly started to see what it was.

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With the Beck gig, Wilkenfeld gained worldwide notoriety, became the “It” girl of the bass, played Eric Clapton’s Crossroads Festival, jammed with both Beck and Jimmy Page on “Immigrant Song” at the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame ceremony in 2009.

She has played on tracks by Herbie Hancock, Ryan Adams and Macy Gray and recorded her own instrumental album, Transformation, before most of this other stuff ever happened.

Although beginning her musical journey on the guitar, it was someone else who actually pointed out to her that she was playing her instrument more like a bass and that maybe she should consider putting her hands on it instead.

It would become a marriage made in instrumental heaven.

You would think that someone so in tune with the Jazz world would not be easily led astray to rock & roll rhythms.

But if you look at the players who have beaconed toward her, Jazz inflections were an integral part of their tapestry, or at least the complicated lines and cerebral patterns that infiltrated their music; people like Jeff Beck and Todd Rundgren and Steve Lukather all had more in their repertoire than simply three chords.

Pre-sales begin on Wednesday, October 11, at 10 a.m. Additionally, Wilkenfeld has announced her 2017 West Coast Tour with support from drummer Tamir Barzilay and guitarist Owen Barry. I’m sure I will see lots of them on this West Coast tour this fall, and I’ll get to thank so many of them in person for the love and support they show me every day!

Wilkenfeld will be sharing new material from the upcoming album, performing primarily on bass but also other instruments, and other surprises!

Just because you find a passion for something doesn’t always guarantee success.

But Tal Wilkenfeld has spirit, she has ambitions, goals and a very determined mind frame.

Check out this footage of Tal Wilkenfeld (then 24-years-old) soloing on "Cause We've Ended As Lovers" with Jeff Beck's band in 2007.

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