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The Howth gun-running involved the delivery of 1500 Mauser rifles to the Irish Volunteers at Howth harbour in Ireland on 26 July 1914.

The unloading of guns from a private yacht during daylight hours attracted a crowd, and the authorities ordered police and military intervention.

There followed another confrontation with the military detachment in which there was more hand-to-hand fighting involving bayonets and rifle butts.

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The Asgard unloaded the arms in Howth harbour on 26 July 1914.

It was met by members of Fianna Éireann, led by Countess Markievicz, ready with hand carts and wheelbarrows.

In total, police seized 19 rifles, In July 1914, when the guns were brought in at Howth, my brothers were in Dungarvan but I was at home in Marino Crescent, Clontarf.

When the volunteers were coming back, I knew some of them who were returning by the laneway at the back of our house, and I told them they could throw their guns into the garden and I would mind them for them. By this stage a crowd had gathered, and on seeing the soldiers frustrated they began to heckle and jeer.

The guns, dating from the Franco-Prussian War of 1870–71 were still functioning.

They were later used in the attack on the GPO in the Easter Rising of 1916.Molly Childers and Spring Rice established a board to raise more funds for the arms, and succeeded in obtaining just over £2,000.Molly kept a diary of the events, a witty historical document.Many Irish people believed that the British Army could not be relied on to enforce Home Rule when it was enacted, and many Irish Volunteers also felt that availability of arms would aid recruitment.At a lunch attended by Alice Stopford Green, Sir Roger Casement, Figgis and Eoin Mac Neill, it was decided that Figgis would contact Michael O'Rahilly to raise funds to buy arms.Whilst returning to their barracks, some soldiers from the Borderers reached Bachelors Walk, where they came across an unarmed but hostile crowd The crowd mocked them for not seizing the arms.

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