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The other cashier was still working with her return. I came back into the store and questioned it and she told me that is what it costed.

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Reply I went into the Ross store on Soncy Rd in Amarillo Tx.

It never fails they never answer the phone when I call so the other day i was in the store and the lady named Danielle Criado was (On the company phone) talking to her daughter instead of working or trying to help any customers and every time someone tried to ask her a question or needed assistance, It was more of a inconvience to this lady than anything else.

Ross Department Store was opened in 1950 by Morris Ross in San Bruno, California.

By 1981, Ross had built the company to 6 department stores.

Not only was she on the company phone taking a personal call but she had no class and sounded so uneducated by trying to get an attitude and talking ghetto.

I have never been talked to so disrespectful as I did they day, and I refuse to ever step a copy back in that store!

SHe told me that if I wanted the jacket, I would have to pay 89.99.

SHe told me that I wasn’t listening and that she entered that price for a michael kors jacket.

This idiot was extremely rude threatening to report me when all I wanted was to obtain the item I paid for today. Stupid Manager is also unhelpful and rude and ignorant uneducated ahole.

I will be going back there to retrieve the item this stupid dumb lady forgot to place in my bag. I will be complaining on Monday to the Corporate Office!

Throughout the entire transaction, she did not make eye contact or peep one word. The second time I went to the Ross store it was in Aurora/Naperville by Fox Valley Mall. The one cashier was doing a return and the other was taking the people ahead of me. Reply I visited the Orland park store and purchased a Michael Kors jacket.

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