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Will the two fall in love all over again or end of hating each other?Read this to find out Selena:(runs in with yogurt, icecream, and whipped cream Taylor runs in behind her) BOYS DO NOT JUST SIT THERE CLEAN THIS HOUSE Justin: No wonder we broke up with her(whispers to Nick) Nick:(laughs) Selena:(grabs a pillow wacks the boys on the head) Miley:(rubbing Demi's feet) One of you boys take this job no offense Demi, its kind of gross Demi: No problem Miley(smiles sweet at her friend) BOYS WHOS IS GONNA BE?

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He participated in the new pro dancer competition as Afton Del Grosso's partner/student because the final three pro dancers each had to teach a star from a previous season.

Linley released his first single "Breathe" featuring Capo in September 2010. He Released A Deathcore album in 2016 through Stay Sick Recordings Linley was born in Lewisville, Texas, the son of Cathryn Sullivan, an acting coach, and Lee Linley.

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and lastly Cody is just amazing u are SOOO right cody linley is WAAAY hotter than nick jonas I actually met both cody's eyes are even better in person ahhh...

my answear has to be CODY, I just think his lips are so perfect and they look like velvet, he has great hair, Nick really doesn't I know lots of boys with curly hair and theirs look way better, His eyes are just so cute and deep His got such a great smile, Nick doesn't really smiles , it's really weird when he does. HE IS SO AWESOME AND HE IS THE ROMANTIC ONE AND SENSITIVE ONE!

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Cody Martin Linley (born November 20, 1989) is an American actor and singer.

Jennifer Lawrence is one of America’s favorite Hollywood actresses right now and the girl is single as far as we know, though she has been romantically linked to others in the past. She was then romantically linked to Coldplay music artist Chris Martin.

In a recent interview with Glamour, Lawrence joked about her being out of the dating game for a while, saying, “It’s [her hymen] back. Martin is currently dating Annabelle Wallis and just played the Super Bowl for the 2016 halftime show.

Nick: NOT IT Joe: NOT IT Justin: Oh man(walks to her feet and starts rubbing them pouting) Nick:(laughing with Joe) Selena:(watching Miley wash her hand) Taylor help Miley find a towel please Taylor S: No dah(helps her find one to dry off her hands) So are you and Justin dating like everybody is rumoring?

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